120W LED Corn Light Bulb–New Generation

2018-05-02 22:46:26
120W LED Corn Light Bulb--New Generation

120LED Corn Light Bulb–New Generation


Nowadays, Energy-saving corn light is very popular, it is pollution-free. DC drive, ultra-low power (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effect than traditional light sources, energy saving more than 80%. Better environmental benefits, there is no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectrum, there is no heat, no radiation, little glare, and the waste can be recycled, no pollution without mercury elements, cold light source, can be safely touched, belonging to the typical green Lighting source. Multi-purpose and independent light source – new development direction of corn light.

The future development trend is more and more demanding for corn lamps, and the appearance is getting more and more beautiful. Our company has newly developed a new corn lamp, a new generation corn lamp, and after adding a lampshade can see the interior of the lampshade is bright , The corn light with backlight, the traditional corn light is no backlight, the cover is relatively dark, the contrast can be seen, as  the following picture shows:

corn light

A new generation of corn light lighting is more concentrated, this is under the real using situation, just test and you will find the light output effectively.

Corn light

Description of our new generation core light :


1, Using super bright LED as light source, energy saving, light soft, low heat, long working life.

2, The corn light source, white light (6000-6500K) and warm light ( 3000-3500K /4000-4500K) etc.,

3, Using PC plastic parts and ABS shell, anti-static, dust-proof, leak-proof.

4, Easy installation, luminous intensity, distance, uniform light.

5, Voltage, lamp head can be formulated according to customer requirements.

6, Green Products, the light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, no radiation.

Size of the Core light :  325*130



Beautiful appearance, lamp head interface and light source color temperature can be customized according to customers’ requirements



LED corn light is widely used, suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting of all homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, urban landscape roads, street highways and so on.

We have strong research and development capabilities, our technical team will customizes the products you need according to the customer’s requirements, support OEM/ODM.

led area light


Production Equipment  

Test and control the quality

led area light1


The new generation core lamp Is under bulk production now, support OEM/ODM

post top lights




A corner of our finished products

led replacement bulbs


The new generation corn light is the trend of LED lighting, 2018 will be hot sale, please contact us, get more information, and start the cooperation relationship between our business.


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