With the continuous progress of LED technology, LED application in the medical and health field has become increasingly popular.You may have noticed that some of Hollywood’s stars, from (Victoria Beckham) to (chrissy teigen), are fans of LED lighting.

In fact, LED masks are just one form of what is commonly referred to as “LED light”. As a new trend for at-home skincare, LED lighting is popular.For years, LED light has been used in clinics as a skin treatment. In fact, LED light isn’t just good for the skin, it’s also good for other things.

According to the feedback from foreign clinics to customers, a short period of use under clinical LED lights may have a huge impact on mood, which can not only boost spirits, but also reduce stress and improve energy levels.

Pamela Marshall, a clinical aesthetician, says regular use of LED light is thought to reduce rosacea, psoriasis and other inflammatory side effects.Blue light triggers photochemical oxidation, which kills bacteria on the skin, which is great for people with acne, eczema or rosacea.

Red light stimulates our fibroblasts for cellular renewal and ATP regeneration.Near infrared has no color, but can reduce skin irritation and redness. It also speeds wound healing and reduces pigmentation.NASA has done extensive research using LED light to grow plants in space. This success LED NASA to investigate the role of red leds in wound healing, particularly in cancer patients.

Light is vital to our health.LED light boosts our ATP, which can be used to fuel other cells. BBIERLED lighting companies also often claim it is the “happy light” because it raises serotonin levels.I see this happening in clinics all the time.