Efficiency is important when choosing lighting for high ceilings. Since the lights will work in a higher range, it is necessary to maximize the illumination for optimal illumination. With the intelligent design of UFO LED high bay light products, design is part of efficiency. These luminaires are finned and contribute to a more even transfer of thermal performance for a wide range of powerful illumination.

UFO LED High Bay lights are an impressive evolution of warehouse lights or high ceiling lights. Compact and small, these  lamps pack a large number of impressive new LED technologies and a large number of high-quality light outputs. There are no longer huge metal halides or high pressure sodium fixtures but a modern, cool UFO light fixture to enjoy. In addition to the warehouse, these are cool lights for retail, restaurants or other interesting open areas that needs high bay lighting.

Bbier UFO LED High BayLight has 4 kinds of installation: 1. The supsension loop 2.Barcket type 3.Supension loop 4.Hook hanger. Simple and convenient installations save your labor cost.

Nowadays,more and more people choose UFO High Bay Light LED for their indoor area that needs a lot of light.Like warehouse,factory,parking garage,surpermaket,workshop and gym…Anything that hangs light from above at a distance of 12 feet or more is a good use case for UFO lamps. They start at 60 watts and 7200 lumens and are 12-15 feet tall. If you have enough of them, they can reach 300 watts, 39,000 lumens, and can be as high as 35 feet. The light of LED UFO High Bay Ligh  can be projected so far, but we recommend reducing the beam angle to 60 or 90 degrees. Although initially they were hung in warehouses and other tall ceiling buildings, we saw them more used in retail and restaurants as design pieces. They are becoming part of the “modern” look of lighting.