Bbier LED Circular Post Top Area Light also called Type V circular Post Top Area Light. The design of Post Top Area fixtures is inspired by nature ,from the overall perspective of the whole lamp,it looks like mushroom. This Post Top Area Light is one of the most characteristic fixtures of any outdoor lanscape or streetscape. When applied at a park or pathway,the post light illuminates landscape elements and improves safety by providing uniform ambient light, thereby increasing visibility for pedestrians,our Post Top lights enhance the overall outdoor design. With a modern styles, Post Top lights can represent the overall style of outdoor design.Compared to a traditional lighting,our post top lighting has 3-4 times lighting efficiency.The Pole Top lights are ideal for streetscapes,swimming pool, parks, green Spaces, campuses ,parking lot and gathering areas.Bbier has numerous pillar or pole top lighting solutions.

Our Post top lights are 3030SMD High quality LED light sources, precision die casting aluminum housing,fade resistance power coat, optional color finish,optional control device, they are durable.Also, the waterproof rating is IP67, making it the perfect decorative external lighting solution.

In addition,there are variety of color temporture optional from 2700K to 6700k,can meet your desire of the lighting effect and your visual perception .Each of outdoor Post Top Light are with modernl features, newer styling and superior luminosity.

These Post lights have a standard 62mm or 78mm tenon pole adaptor and these adaptors can be customized for all kinds of demensions of round and square poles. These lights also can be equiped with a photocell,montion sensor,short cap baffle and other accessories. And supporting lights to present a uniform lighting solution throughout the area.

Whatever type of lighting you are looking for, Bbier has a decorative overhead light that illuminates and expresses the style of the downtown space, park, campus or gathering area.Bbier’s range of decorative post top lights run the gamut with modern designs. you’ll find that Bbier decorative post tops provide superior photometric performance along with architectural appeal for your area lighting applications. Whichever luminaire you choose, Bbier decorative post tops are perfect for bringing outdoor lighting to downtown spaces, commercial developments, parks and residential communities.