As a professional lighting designer, I fully support the state administration of cultural heritage’s “preservation first” view of historic buildings. However, from the perspective of urban development and promotion and inheritance of historical and cultural heritage, it is still necessary to provide nightview lighting for ancient buildings in many places.Therefore, the lighting design of ancient buildings in the future should fully consider the issue of “safety and protection”, and adopt scientific and reasonable design schemes and advanced technical measures: for example, lighting techniques can be mainly cast light;If the pipeline can go through, in the tourists can not reach the ancient building ground can also consider installing lights;Or require the electrical pipeline to be laid for the metal tube open pipe (may sacrifice the aesthetics), the lamp connection cable to use low-smoke

halogen-free flame retardant cable, lamp connection to use closed terminal box wiring, low-voltage lamps require the power concentrated in the metal box unified placement;At the same time can also be in the circuit design of those difficult to repair the lamp circuit adopt fault arc protection measures and other technical means.In a word, for the lighting design of ancient buildings, our designers should avoid to treat the problem, on the basis of scientific analysis, to put forward a safe and reasonable design scheme.

To strive to achieve “safety protection first, faithful restoration of the beauty of ancient construction, take scientific and technological means, both economic investment and later maintenance”!