Shenzhen bbierled lighting has unveiled a smart LED lamp on its website. The concept is very simple, but it contains some design that can provide convenience for users.The team has designed smart LED lights into wearable devices that provide extra protection for users.The smart adsorption design allows users to anchor it to multiple locations, such as backpacks, car tails, bike frames, and more.The product is designed to be waterproof and can be extended underwater.The smart LED has a variety of lighting and flashing patterns that can be used to alert the outside world or as a light for taking photos.It is very simple to use, only need to rotate the border to activate the internal controller, no other trigger switch.In addition to the outdoors, this smart LED lamp is also very useful indoors.For example, when you are working indoors, you can use your mobile phone in conjunction with a smart LED light. When your mobile phone receives a notification or a call, the smart LED light will alert you with a flashing light, without worrying that the bell will disturb others.Nowadays, wireless charging has gradually become a trend of electronic products, and smart LED lights have also caught up with the trend. Users can charge it wirelessly through the supporting charging base, which can be charged within three hours.The smart LED is currently in the works and, if nothing else, the team expects to start shipping in December.