The non-electric lighting system directly and effectively collects outdoor natural light and directs it into the indoor lighting system.Can provide sufficient daytime lighting for each construction site, 100% without electricity.Bbierled energy technology promotion bbierled lighting co., LTD. ‘s LED intelligent lighting system and non-electric lighting perfect combination.When there is no natural light outside at night, it can provide the most intelligent and energy-saving scheme for the construction site at night to realize the lighting on demandWhen a vehicle enters an area, all lights in that area will be on.When people and vehicles leave the area, only part of the power in the lane of the area is in the light state, realizing “lighting on demand”.Simple design, make R convenient, no need to change the existing circuit design, no need to add additional signal line number.Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long standby time, ultra-high sensitivity, high brightness LED life up to 60,000 hours, effectively eliminate long time continuous work, save electricity, extend lamp life.

Motion detection sensor, communication module, control module, intelligent dimming power supply, LED light source and appearance bracket all adopt modular design, with reasonable structure design, clever concealment and fixation, without screw, convenient assembly and convenient maintenanceTemperature compensation special temperature compensation chip to reduce the LED sensing distance affected by the temperature.