In 1846, Shanghai opened three years later, the British businessman li came to Shanghai, want to build a Hotel here, at first he Hotel built in the mansion (now jinling east road) road, near the bund called the Astor House Hotel, after ten years, the “Charles bridge”, is built on the suzhou river bridge on the river there is a 22 acres of land, feel the land have the potential to check, in 1857 was purchased at a low price, the east Indian style built a layer 2 brick joisted Hotel, Hotel will move up (see today of the Hotel are split in 1910 after the old new build English neoclassical style,The original 1857 east indian-style building was not so luxurious), but because of its remoteness and mismanagement, Henry Smith took over the hotel from reza in 1860 and renamed it Astor House,It is the famous pujiang hotel in Shanghai today.After Smith took over the hotel, besides opening a billiard room, a bar, a dance hall and a poker room, in 1867.

it was the first place to use gas in Shanghai.That night, a total of 15 arc lights were lit along the 6.4-kilometer power supply line along the bund to the hongkou merchants wharf, seven of them inside the ritz-carlton hotel and in the garden.It is said that crowds of onlookers gathered for miles in Shanghai to see the novelty.However, in a flash, China has made unremitting efforts and learned new technologies from the west, turning itself into a developing country with LED in the whole country. Shenzhen BBIERLED is an outstanding enterprise in LED lighting, which constantly develops and innovated by its own strong r&d team and the post-90s generation with the spirit of craftsman.BBIERLED, in particular, has recently been developing a plant-growth lamp that demonstrates its power.