Despite the constant talk of “industry winter” in 2019, the old LED tree is still sprouting new shoots.After investigation and observation, the market size of the ten major areas of LED industry will continue to increase in 2020 and even in the following years.Among them, chip, packaging and other categories of the rise of the phenomenon of slowing down, but high brightness lighting, Micro LED market is in progressive or high-speed growth.LED chip market,It is predicted that the output value of LED chip industry in China (excluding Taiwan) will reach 25.5 billion yuan in 2020.Admittedly, however, growth in size has slowed.LED chip prices continue to fall in China, mainly because of overcapacity and other problems.But, importantly, there is little scope for prices to fall because of cost.How to break through, how to survive, is still the LED chip companies need to think about the problem.LED packaging market,According to the data, the market size of LED packaging in China will reach 115 billion yuan in 2020, and the internal demand of the mainland market will become the main growth driver.But like the chip market, packaging has faced falling prices and slowing growth since 2018.In this regard, mass packaging manufacturers are targeting Mini/Micro LED and other small space display field, seeking greater development.