After eight years of wind and rain, the home that BBIERLED challenge people to move forward, not afraid of hard, finally should come to relax for a few hours of conference, literally, conducts annual meeting in everyone’s heart is in production, heart customers, in order to ship to the customer on time, annual meeting in late into the night 12 o ‘clock BBIERLED home still people into the workshop of the cargo.This is the spirit of BBIERLED, this is the concept of customer first, this is the motivation created by learning from the spirit of kazuo inamori, director of kyocera. Although it is a bit of a rush, considering the customers who are staying up late waiting for goods at this time, our fatigue is a trivial matter.Annual meeting of the opening with Chinese wind is a crosstalk to all employees, make all staff put nervous heart, but the leaders to keep the heart of the tension of the crosstalk main purpose is to let the customer know more about our Chinese culture, let the customer more trust us, to have foreign friends, have the group President.Here, the year 2019 has passed, and we are about to usher in the even busier 2020. I wish all our customers good fortune and good luck, and all the BBIERLED families happy and safe.Thank you for your careful reading of this article. What are you waiting for? Place your order.