With the speeding up of the intelligent process, everyone can feel life a lot of furniture are becoming more intelligent and humanization, we often use the smart TV or intelligent electrical outlet to be able to make our life more convenient, now a lot of design businesses begin to pay attention to the intellectualization of lamps and lanterns, the intellectualization of lamps and lanterns is mainly manifested in the aspects such as lighting control, lighting effects, people can be realized through their mobile devices to lamps and lanterns of various functions of opening and closing, so we introduced intelligent light today.Smart lamp is not a traditional lamp, but a kind of smart device. In addition to the smart lamp body, there is also a handheld smart control device. The smart lamp control device has the computing power and the network connection ability.The core functions of smart lights are control, lighting effects, creation, sharing, light and music interaction, and light enhancing health and happiness.