Resume production, war “epidemic” I, China’s lighting enterprises in actionStarting from this week, all parts of the country began to resume work steadily.BBIERLED lighting, snow Wright, foshan lighting, opple, leishi lighting and other lighting enterprises, further implement the general secretary xi regarding new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work the important instructions of spirit, the full implementation of the party central committee and the state council and various provinces and cities decision deployment, firmly implement the ministries and commissions and party committees and governments at all levels of the recent series of enterprise policy, adhere to the principle of epidemic prevention and control and return to work and production, to return to work and production in succession, the last outbreak, to win the epidemic war contribute their strength.BBIERLED limited issued a notice, according to the local government issued the resumption of work documents and approved by the relevant government departments, the company has gradually resumed work, the production line will be gradually restored.The company has overcome various difficulties in the holiday to provide customers with thousands of sets of products, now similar products have become the market urgently, urgently need to organize production, to ensure the supply.