In household space, carry tall space often is a villa, double entrance door more important space, because it can highlight the home space to decorate tonal sex not only, still can reveal your life grade, because this is in so important space, cannot consider to illuminate it with the lamp of how many watt, how many Angle simply.Illuminate is very easy, the difficulty lies in how to show dimensional feeling, atmosphere, tonal sex, this is the place that illume creates value for the space.In common carry tall space, the most common illume way, install directly on smallpox namely next illuminate lamps and lanterns, namely tube, shoot the lamp this kind of lamps and lanterns.If only this kind of downlighting products to light, easy to cause the lack of vertical lighting, dark facade, give people a sense of dark space problems.Can cause this kind of circumstance, because did not consider the illume of metope basically, concentrate lamps and lanterns in the middle area of the space only more.In the following figure, the illumination of the living room area and the dining room area in the plane may not differ much, but from the visual perception of people, because of its facade illumination gap is larger, we will feel that the living room space is significantly darker than the dining room space.It is the same with the real picture below. Although the wall area has a wall lamp groove to supplement some facade light, it is obvious that its lamp groove setting is not reasonable enough, and its light is not enough to cover the whole wall, or the whole transition gradient is not good.In such a space, you will feel the facade dark, the whole space will have a certain sense of oppression.So how do you solve this problem?Above all, we can distribute lamps and lanterns appropriately in each corner of the space, do not let it so centralized.Or choose to install some lamps with upward lighting to enhance the brightness of the whole space by adding indirect lighting.Still have an advantage with this kind of method is, because increased the illume of the ceiling (the gimmick that added indirect illume), can let metope and day flower are brighter while, still can weaken the direct dazzle of lamps and lanterns.In other words, the light and shade contrast between the light mouth and ceiling is weakened, so that the gap between light and shade is not so big, when looking at this lamp is not so dazzling.