Development and Teamwork from Bbier Lighting

2018-05-04 19:43:33
Development and Teamwork from Bbier Lighting
Development and Teamwork from Bbier Lighting  Date: 2018-5-3


Shenzhen Bbier Lighting Co.,Ltd is a private professional high-tech enterprise specialized in production, sales, research and development of multiple purpose indoor and outdoor LED Lighting. Bbier Lighting owns quite a solid fund support and high technical background in LED industry. Last year’s sales were 9.5million. Covering around 2,000 square meters, Bbier Lighting has more than 200 employees,fully equipped large research and development centers and modernized production centers,comprehensive technical engineering test support and ten professional elites at home and abroad.

Our products are widely used in various location and occasions such as advertising media, stage shows, entertainment, celebrations,exhibition, education, stadiums or arenas, plazas, malls, traffic, airports, stations and ports, etc. Our markets cover more than 80 countries and areas in Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. An enhanced sales and service network has been established. Bbier Lighting acknowledges that innovation is an enterprise’s vitality that leads to success. Having at present secured 20 patents in China, Bbier spares no effort in innovation. Our products are certified by institutional tests such as CE, FCC and RoHS.


From the very beginning of its incorporation, Bbier Lighting been advocating the management concepts of environment protection, energy-saving and low carbon, focusing on the development target of “innovating technology and benefit mankind”. We proceed to build up our brand image as energy-saving photoelectric expert and LED Lighting expert. Let’s join our hands and realize our visions in this spectacular LED world.

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Our team culture

1, Work Attitude: The team’s success or failure is its own success or failure;

2, team goals: The team’s goal is its own goal;

3, teamwork: willing to share, take the initiative, unified pace;

4, professional literacy: to provide my partners with high quality deliverables;

5, seeking truth from facts: never wait, do not make excuses for work;

6. Planning and Arrangement: First plan to do things, don’t easily promise, promise things to do;

7, Time Management: Time is managed, not extruded.


Our training

1. To build the best team of enterprise employees, establish a learning enterprise, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, adapt to the company’s needs for all types of talents, improve the overall quality and work ability of all employees, improve working methods, improve work efficiency, and guide the company Various departments and units have carried out in-depth and meticulous, orderly and efficient job training, special training, and technical training to make the company’s training professional, standardized, and institutionalized.

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2. Basic principles of training:

(1) Full-time: The purpose of training is to improve the overall quality and working ability of all employees of the company. All personnel should fully understand the importance of training, and they must actively participate in training and continue to learn and progress from the management level to the staff level.

(2) Target : Training should be purposeful and should be based on actual training needs.

(3) Plan: The training work should be based on the training needs to develop a training plan, and strictly follow the plan.

(4) Full course : training should be carried out throughout the entire process of pre-job, post, transfer, and promotion.

(5) Comprehensiveness: The training content combines basic training, quality training, and skills training. In the training method, it is comprehensively used in various ways such as lectures, discussions, visits, observations, and training.

(6) Follow-up: After the training, the content of the training should be assessed. Results and rewards and penalties are required for the assessment. Regular, timely inspections and assessments of training effectiveness are required.

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Under the leadership of the elite team, and the company’s advanced technology development, the company’s development is getting better and better.

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