Order Has Been Finished–Ready for Shipping

2018-05-25 18:51:50
Order Has Been Finished--Ready for Shipping
Order Has Been Finished–Ready for Shipping


Thanks for customer’s trust and support, all goods has been test and package well , ready for the shipment.

This customer is from DE, we have cooperation for several years, established a long term business relationship.

Recently, he has put an order from us, including LED Bulb, LED 40W troffer light , LED 240W Street light-style, LED 130W gas station canopy light, LED 50W-55W troffer, LED F32 T8 frosted lamp 18W , corresponding model number: BB-HJD-7W, BB-RTGD-40W-A-22-D ,BB-LD-240W-F, BB-CSD-130W-B, BB-RTGD-55W-A24-D, BB-RSD-TUBE-18W.

Let’s go and check the order status, look, our workers are loading cabinets carefully

LED light

Our workers almost finished all the goods loading after half an hour hard working.

LED light

All the goods have been loaded and our lovely workers are consolidating the goods to prevent them from falling or colliding during transportation.


Waiting for shipment now.


This order has been finished within 15days, if the goods you need have in stock, will be more fast to ship to you, welcome OEM order, please just inquiry us if you are interested in any kinds of LED lighting, we have many kinds of LED lighting in our business range, such as :LED Retrofit Kits, LED Retrofit, LED Lights Replacement, Retrofit Lamps, LED Replacement Bulbs,metal halide led replacement